Monday, May 7, 2018

Believe in the Magic

CT Tag featuring an amazing kit that Ladyhawwk Designs made to match this month's AOTM bonus tube for Diamond Club members.  The magic of a unicorn, sparkling next to a waterfall with a rainbow in the distance is something we see in our dreams ...... or is it really just in our dreams?  The magic can live further than just in our dreams, yet it is up to us to keep them alive and thriving.  You can purchase this wonderful kit for your own dreamy creations exclusively at CDO here.  I could not resist using with this month's Diamond Club tube, such a sweet unicorn!  Not a Diamond Club member?  No problem, check it out here how you can become a member and be able to receive this beauty!

I also have a matching wallpaper on my blog here.

1 comment:

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