Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CT Tag & Wallpaper - Daydreaming

CT Tag for Ladyhawwk Designs using her stunning kit she made to match a brand new bonus tube at CDO using a newly released artist - Olga Fomina.  Oh wow if she is a new artist to you, I know you will just fall in love with her style.  As she daydreams of all of her life's blessings so richly bestowed on her, she realizes she has so much to be thankful for, starting with the simplest of pleasures, such as a walk amongst a beautiful garden.  You can purchase Cat's stunning kit exclusively here at CDO.  I couldn't help but use the stunning bonus tube for this month, which you can get for FREE if you spend $10 or more (after any discounts applied) on Olga's art tubes.  You can purchase those here at CDO as well.

There is a snaggable wallpaper on my blog here as well.

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