Saturday, April 16, 2016

CT Tag & Wallpaper - Refreshing

CT Tag featuring the amazing art of Barbara Jensen and also a gorgeous kit by Ladyhawwk Designs, called Refreshing.  This kit speaks to the refreshing spirit of the season of spring.  It is magic seeing everything come back to life and bloom in spring prettiness after such a long winter for some areas.  Flowers are in bloom, the planting of pretty spring gardens are all around us in this kit, which can be purchased exclusively at Barb's store here.  I used with a tube by Barb also - her gorgeous Ice Queen tube but seemed to go so perfectly with the spirit of this kit as well.  You can purchase this one here in Barb's store as well, it was her layered tube 49-2.

There is also a matching wallpaper on my blog here.

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